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Prof Popova takes part in Ditchley Foundation event on the Future of the EU

By Maria Popova
May 25, 2018

The three-day conference brought together policy-makers and policy analysts from the EU and the UK to discuss the challenges of Brexit to European integration and to UK domestic politics and standing on the international scene. As the lone academic, as a Canadian and an Eastern European, I found myself offering the "outsider's" perspective time and time again. The highlights for me were the debate on whether Canada can offer Europe lessons on how to build a multicultural identity and the discussion of ways to address the rule of law challenges coming from some EU members. For more on the event, read here:

About me

Maria Popova (PhD, Harvard 2006) conducts research on the rule of law, judicial reform, political corruption, populist parties and legal repression of dissent across the post-Communist region. She teaches classes on European politics and research methods.

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