Prof. Popova Discusses the Threshold for Ukraine to Join the European Union on Radio Pacifica Podcast "Ukraine 242"

November 22nd, 2023

On November 8th, the European Commission of the European Union published a press release stating that their 2023 Enlargement Package recommends that the European Council open accession negotiations with Ukraine, along with Moldova, based on progress made by those countries in meeting EU standards.

According to Popova, this is the realization of what was almost an impossible dream for Ukrainians, exactly on the 10th anniversary of the beginning of Euromaidan demonstrations.

In November 2013, the Ukrainian people revolted against their government, in favor of European integration for Ukraine. with the massive and prolonged Euromaidan demonstrations in Kyiv.

Maria Popova, who is an expert on Ukrainian and European relations, explains what the European Commission is, what their proclamation of this November means, and what events have occurred in Ukraine leading up to this proclamation.

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