My grandfather and the Communists
Today is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. We think of 1989 as one of the most abrupt divides in history. We see the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe as unanticipated, lightening-swift and comprehensive. The images of Germans pushing down the Wall and spilling through the h...
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Prof Popova takes part in Ditchley Foundation event on the Future of the EU
The three-day conference brought together policy-makers and policy analysts from the EU and the UK to discuss the challenges of Brexit to European integration and to UK domestic politics and standing on the international scene. As the lone academic, as a Canadian and an Eastern European, I found mys...
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German Ambassador to Canada, Hon. Sabine Sparwasser delivers a lecture in POLI 331: Politics of East Central Europe
Students in Prof Popova's class have been learning about the rise of populism and rule of law backsliding processes in the region, which undermine the process of Europeanization. What a treat it was for them to hear from none other than the Ambassador of a major EU member state, Germany, about how h...
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Prof. Maria Popova
McGill University
Ferrier Building, #462
840 Dr. Penfield Ave.
Montréal, Quebec
H3A 1A4
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